Back to School

Things have been quiet on the blog front recently. This has mainly been for practical reasons: I moved back to Paris from Washington DC at the beginning of the summer, and since then I have been waiting, quite literally for months, for my internet to be connected. As an American friend stated, “[waiting two months for internet] is why Americans hate socialism” – and while I do think socialism has a lot going for it, I’m inclined to agree that, on the internet front, there is definite room for improvement.

Aside from that, I am no longer riding the roller-coaster of fieldwork, and instead have spent the summer shut up indoors, perusing articles and trying to get some thoughts and research onto paper in preparation for the Big Thesis Write-Up. For this reason, my focus has moved away from day-to-day experiences of the peculiarities of ‘race’ relations, colourism and identity politics, and onto current trysts and tussles between the social and molecular sciences about how genetics relates to questions of ‘race’, identity, origins, etc. This has inspired me to split my blog into two sections: the original ‘Anthropology While White’, and the new ‘Crossing Disciplinary Lines’, which will be the home of all things genetics-related from now on.

So it’s back to school for the blog and, as ever, I welcome your comments, critiques, and questions, both in private and in public.


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